Question about Seismic

Dear Jason
I am a newcomer to FAST. And I wonder since there already is seismic in FAST.v7, why OpenFAST don’t have the ability to calculate earthquake. Or , I mean, I wonder what makes it not easy to implement seismic from v7 to OpenFAST, with seismic related code already been coded, and OpenFAST actually developed from v7?
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Dear @KeHao.Qian,

The short answer is that NREL has not yet been funded to port the FAST v7 functionality into OpenFAST. There are also a few changes we’d like to see made the Seismic functionality of FAST v7 before porting to OpenFAST that prevent this from being a trivial task.

That said, you can mimic what the Seismic functionality of FAST v7 does via the external platform MCKF (CompSub = 2) option of OpenFAST, as has been discussed in several forum topics.

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