FAST v7 Seismic platform

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As per my understanding of the fast v7 seismic model, the platform is made very heavy with the stiffness of the base oscillator also set very high. This ensures that the platform experiences negligible deformations due to the motion supplied at the base node. In other words, the platform is made to behave rigidly in a dynamic sense. This ensures that the base node motion is transferred to the tower base with minimum variations.
Assuming my claims are correct in the above para, will it be reasonable to assume that the wave loading I provide in the seismic platform file will eventually be useless? Is the FAST v7 Seismic module coded to interpret wave load effects on the wind turbine? Or is it just best to evaluate the turbine under seismic and wind effects?

Any clarifications shall me. Thanks.

Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

You can model offshore wind turbines with monopile support structures and wave loading with the Seismic version of FAST v7. You will not be able to calculate structural loads within the pile below the seabed (which will be treated rigidly), but you can calculate structural loads within the pile down to the mudline, including the effects of wind, wave, and seismic loading.

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