DLL for seismic simulations

Is it possible to include seismic loads as a part of a DLL? The DLL shall take input from the tower loads at each time step and modify the force based on the input ground motions.
I would like to know if the above is feasible using a DLL. Also, can someone provide me with information on how the DLLs actually work and coupled with the main FAST code?


Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

What you describe sounds similar to the Seismic functionality available in FAST v7, except that (1) this seismic functionality has not yet been ported to FAST v8 or OpenFAST and (2) the Seismic functionality was implemented in a FAST v7 UserPtfmLd routine rather than as a DLL. See the Seismic version of FAST v7 for more information: Seismic | Wind Research | NREL.

Best regards,