Is it possible to have FAST Seismic Module running in Matlab?

I wish to get access to at least impose supervisory controller actions (simple acceleration-based shutdown threshold logic). Or is there an easier way to do it without using MATLAB? It would help me understand the methods to achieve this flexibility. Thanks.

Dear @Kashyap.Subham,

Presumably you are referring to a MATLAB/Simulink interface for the Seismic version of FAST v7. I don’t have a version of the FAST v7 interface to MATLAB/Simulink compiled with the Seismic version of the SUBROUTINE UserPtfmLd(), but you could compile that yourself.

Alternatively, if you mimic the capability of Seismic from FAST v7 within the external platform MCKF functionality of OpenFAST, you could use the existing OpenFAST interface to MATLAB/Simulink.

Best regards,