WT_Perf compilation

Dear everybody:
Now I have a problem with WT_Perf compilation.
With the compilation order by the software package, I followed it but obtained error when compiling the NWTC_IO.f90.
The error is
Error: A dummy argument name is invalid in this context. [ARY]
REAL(ReKi),Allocatable :: Ary (:slight_smile: !Array to be allocated
there are 13 errors of the same kind.
And my fortran version is Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6.



I think the statement in question is using a feature that was not available in Fortran 95 compilers. The ability to dynamically allocate parts of a derived type was added in the Fortran 2003 standard. Such a feature is extremely important for our software, so any programs (WT_Perf, Crunch, FAST, AeroDyn, BModes) that use the NWTC Library will not work with old compilers. We use the Intel compiler here, but I think there are open source compilers that will work with our software. You might try gfortran (gcc.gnu.org/fortran/).