WT_Perf on Mac

Has WT_Perf been ported to MAC OS 10.4? I’ve tried compiling it using GFORTRAN. The compile is failing due to the allocatable data types in NWTC_mods.f90 (e.g., AeroTable). GFORTRAN isn’t allowing the allocatable arrays that are part of the defined data type. Any suggestions as to how to get past this?


No. We don’t use Macs here.

When we switched from the Compaq to the Intel compiler we discovered that those statements violate the Fortran 95 standard. However, we just can’t live without that feature. They will be legitimate in the next version of the standard (Fortran 2000?), so we’re sticking with them.

Do you have an option enabled that says something to the effect that it will treat non-standard Fortran as errors?

To modify the code without losing capabilities would be impossible. You could hard-code the sizes of the arrays to fit your needs, but you may end up wasting tons of RAM to make it versatile enough for all cases you might want to run. Another possibility would be to recompile for each analysis.

Can you run Linux or Windows applications in emulation mode? Intel has a Linux version of its compiler.

You could try to find a compiler that includes this part of the Fortran 2000 standard.

You could trade in your right-brained Mac for a left-brained PC. :wink:



Thanks! I was afraid that this would be the case. I’ll look into GFORTRAN a bit more and see if I can figure out how to make it ignore non-standard FORTRAN.