FTN95 free compiler

I’m looking for alternatives to G95 free compiler, basically because of the lack of speed even if hard optimization has been forced at compile time.
I found FTN95 FORTRAN compiler that could be a possible solution but right now I get a lot of errors (also not so important to list all of them);
anyone who use FTN95 out there?



I have little experience with freeware Fortran compilers. We use the Intel Fortran compiler for two reasons. Once is that it is compatible with ADAMS and the other is that it includes the Fortran 2003 features we need for many of our codes. Specifically, we need to be able to allocate parts of derived types during run time. This is not allowed in Fortran 95. Codes requiring Fortran 2003 features are Crunch, WT_Perf, and soon-to-be-released versions of AeroDyn, ADAMS2AD, and FAST. If a compiler cannot compile the NWTC Library, it will not work with our codes.

If you find something that works, please post it here to help others.