New alpha versions of WT_Perf and NWTC Library

I have uploaded minor new alpha versions of WT_Perf (v3.04.00d-mlb) and the NWTC Library (v1.04.00c-mlb) to our web server.

For WT_Perf, I made a few changes that allowed it to be compiled using gfortran v4.5.3 and fixed a bug in how the conditions that resulted in the maximum Cp were done. The gfortran I used was on Windows–not Linux. Our Linux application server is running a version of Red Hat that does not allow one to use this version of gfortran, which is required for some of the features we use. As an FYI, the optimized gfortran version of WT_Perf takes about 14% longer to run than than the version compiled by Intel Fortran on a box with an Intel Xeon processor. Both versions give the same answers.

The NWTC Library includes some new features and a new version of SysGnu.f90, which works with WT_Perf. Check the ChangeLog.txt file for a list of changes.