Updating Airfoil files for Conversion to OpenFAST from v8


I am currently converting the Windpact 3 MW fast v8 files (github.com/WISDEM/Ref_Turbines) to work with OpenFAST, and I am trying to convert the older airfoil files found at that link to work with the new AeroDyn format. I have the airfoil input file template, but I’m not sure that all the info is available in the older files, and also the Cm values are not available in the old files. Are there any resources/code for converting old airfoil files to be compatible with the current AeroDyn format?

In the conversion code for fast v8.12 to 15 it attempts to create these files, but it seems that the code is expecting the airfoils to be in this updated format already. In this code, I receive the warning: “AeroDyn airfoil coefficients not found in the FAST data structure.” and no updated file is created. Does anyone know if I’m missing a step or some data?


Hi Bridget,

NREL has not developed a fully automated script to upgrade airfoil data input files from AeroDyn v14 format to AeroDyn v15 format. That said, there are scripts to aid in the process, e.g., see: github.com/OpenFAST/matlab-tool … olarAD15.m.

The pitching moment coefficient is optional in both AeroDyn v14 and AeroDyn v15.

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