Stand-Alone AeroDyn

Hi All,

I am using stand-alone AeroDyn v15 and FAST to see how the A.O.A changes compared to rigid and deflected blades.

Using Fast, I can incorporate full-field wind (with wind profile and turbulence) from InFlowWind into AeroDyn to predict the A.O.A at each time step.

I am not sure this feature exists for the stand-alone AeroDyn v15 because I do not see the section to specify the path to wind file. However, by reading the AeroDyn v15 manual, I understand I can have Power-Law wind profile by assigning the value to ShearExp. Please let me know if my understanding is incorrect.

Is it possible to run the stand-alone AeroDyn v15 with a full-field wind file from InFlowWind? if so, where should I look into?

Thank you so much for the help.

Dear Daniel,

Yes, ShearExp in the AeroDyn driver refers to the exponent of a power-law shear profile.

Without customizing the source code, it is not possible to run the standalone AeroDyn driver with full-field turbulent wind inflow.

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Dear FAST community,
we are looking for a setup using Aerodyn and inflowwind as stand alone and where we would ideally input at each time step only the rotor speed/position and pitch angle (blades and tower are stiff). Ideally it should run with turbulent wind fields.

Does anyone has some hints on how to do this?

Thank you!

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Dear Florian,

Because the standard standalone AeroDyn driver does not permit the use of turbulent wind, I think you have two options:

  1. Run FAST v8 with all DOFs disabled in ElastoDyn and only the AeroDyn and InflowWind modules enabled, or
  2. Develop your own driver code–similar to the standalone AeroDyn driver–that calls the InflowWind module to process wind.
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Dear FAST community,

I would like to know if it is possible to enter the pitch and rotational speed for a particular wind speed when using standalone AeroDyn? This based on the assumptions of rigid condition, uniform and steady wind.

Thank you in advance.

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Dear Ivan,

The standalone driver for AeroDyn is well documented in the draft AeroDyn v15 User’s Guide and Theory Manual: … 15.04a.pdf. As described there, each case specified in the driver can be defined in terms of wind speed, rotor speed, pitch angle, etc.

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