AeroDyn driver simulation with wind field

Wanted to simplify the aerodynamics of the rotor by using the AeroDyn Driver instead of going into FAST.
Although one of the exceptions mentioned in the AeroDyn manual is the freestream flow.
Is it still possible to use a turbulent wind field as an input in the AeroDyn Driver? Maybe with the InfoFlow Driver?

Thanks in advance,

Nevermind, I see that the AeroDyn driver has an option in the input file:
1 CompInflow - Compute inflow wind velocities (switch) {0=Steady Wind; 1=InflowWind}
“./OpenFAST_BAR_00_InflowFile.dat” InflowFile - Name of the InflowWind input file [used only when CompInflow=1]

Dear Gerardo,

The original AeroDyn driver only had an option for steady, uniform inflow. The new AeroDyn driver under development, which it looks like you are reviewing, also supports the InflowWind module, with all of its wind file type options (including turbulent wind). The new AeroDyn driver, available in this pull request, is still under review before being merged into the dev branch of OpenFAST:

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