I am getting started with FAST and I would like to know if is there any other User´s Guide/Information related to FAST/Simulink besides the one listed on Fast User´s Guide (p.35 to 37) and those two examples presented with FAST.

Thank you in Advance!

Dear Akira,

The FAST User’s Guide contains the only user documentation NREL has published on the FAST interface to MATLAB/Simulink. However, Alan Wright’s 2008 NREL wind turbine controls report describes a lot of examples involving this capability: I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but perhaps you can find it in Alan’s report.

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I am using Simulink, FAST interface for simulation of my designed controller, but I’m a bit confused! In the table 5 (page 43) of FAST user’s guide it is written that the control signal for generator is generator TORQUE, but in the Simulink model it needs both Generator TORQUE and generator POWER as the conrol signals. my controller is for region 2, that I want to capture the maximum energy.
Thank you so much for your help

Dear Omid,

Table 5 of the FAST User’s Guide applies to the control inputs available during the linearization process of FAST; this table does not apply to FAST’s interface to Simulink.

See my response to the following post for an explanation of why the generator power is an input to the FAST block in Simulink:

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