im a Beginner to Simulink and FAST V8

hi all,

im a beginner to fast v8, I want to use FAST V8 on Simulink

where can i get the NREL 5MW floating turbine model , the old link does not work well

Thank you so much!

Dear Rui,

As I announced here:, the NWTC Information Portal crashed before the replacement site is available. I’ve now shared the old FAST v8 archive, which contains the Simulink-FAST v8 interface and NREL 5-MW floating wind turbine models, here: … sp=sharing.

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Dear Jason,

thanks for your help! Now i have downloaded the file .
And i download a pdf from the link which topic is Simulation for Wind Turbine Generators—With FAST and MATLAB-Simulink Modules. Can i use this file to learn the operation of FAST on Simulink? Thank you so much!

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Dear Rui.Hao,

The basic operation of the FAST v8 interface to Simulink is discussed in the old FAST v7 User’s Guide ( … sp=sharing).

I’m only vaguely familiar with the report you reference, but I believe it provides advanced case studies for application of the FAST-Simulink interface.

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Sorry for answering you late.
Thank you for your help! I have followed the document to learn step by step.In the next study,can i continue to ask you for advice? :bulb: :bulb:

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Dear Jason
Sorry to trouble you again .
I am using Matlab 2018a. I have read the FAST v8 Interface to Simulink from README_FAST8 pdf.
I run Test01.fst in FAST V8 ,but is has an error as below.

Error reported by S-function ‘FAST_SFunc’ in ‘OpenLoop/FAST Nonlinear Wind Turbine/S-Function’:
FAST_InitializeAll:SrvD_Init:ValidatePrimaryData:Yaw angle and rate are not commanded from Simulink model.
ValidatePrimaryData:Pitch angles are not commanded from Simulink model.
ValidatePrimaryData:Generator torque and power are not commanded from Simulink model.
ValidatePrimaryData:HSS brake is not commanded from Simulink model.
SrvD_Init:BladedInterface_Init:The dynamic library …\CertTest\5MW_Baseline/ServoData/DISCON_win32.dll could not be loaded. Check that the file exists in the specified location and that it is compiled for 64-bit applications.

Can you help me to solve it ?
Thank you very much!
Best regards.

Dear Rui.Hao,

A similar question has been asked and answered here: Yes, we try to answer questions, but please search (in the upper right) before asking.

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