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I was wondering if anyone has tried simulating FAST/Simulink along with integrated power systems for wind turbine on Simulink using MATLAB/SImulink/SimPower block set? Any examples on the web either as literature or report which I can recreat?


Dear Amit,

We have a group at NREL that is working to develop detailed models of a wind turbine’s electrical drive (e.g., generator types I-IV) based on the MATLAB/Simulink’s SimPowerSystems toolbox. We plan to document the approach and results, but do not have any publications publicly available yet.

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Hi Jason:

Is there any working model you are able to share with me on this forum or privately?



Hi Amit,
I’m currently working on this project. I need to talk to a few people at NREL first before I make the FAST+Simpower model available, so stay tuned, I should have something for you shortly.
Mohit Singh

Hi Mohit:

Do you think you will be able to share the model? A simple example of how things are connected and controllers are implemented should be good enough.

Thanks a lot