Generator consideration in FAST

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I have a question about FAST V8 in Simulink. In “OpenLoop.mdl” the model contains 4 inputs which the first is written as “torque controller”. But in “Test01_SIG.mdl” there is an extra block and is written “simple induction generator” for it. Since I wanted to implement NREL 5MW WT, I got confused that is the S-Function contains the generator or not. I mean that for the input of “Gen. Torque (Nm) and Power (W)” should I add a generator model block into Simulink model to calculate power and generator torque, or just a controller (e.g. a PI controller)?

In this model I add a simple controller and a simple first-order generator.

While, in this model I just add a controller.

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Amirhossein Asgharnia

Dear AmirHossein,

If you set VSContrl = 4 in the ServoDyn input file of FAST v8, the generator torque and power inputs to the FAST S-Function block are used in place of any generator or torque-control models internal to FAST.

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Dear Jason

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