Running Offshore ITI Barge Files

I am trying to run the full simulation and progressing after having done some file additions/ movements to the original downloaded folder ITIBrg4. However I am now stuck on the error “ff wind array boundaries violated. Grid too small in z direction z = 92.8 64 m is above the grid. Error getting velocity in aerodyn/ad_windvelocitywithdisturbance ()”

In which input file is the “grid” established so i can fix this? Thanks


Given the fact that you’ve moved some files around, I would guess that you are pointing to the wrong wind file. What wind file are you using? It’s specified in the AeroDyn input file.

Will check … How can I attach a screen shot of the error? Thanks

Hi Peter, Jason

I ma also getting same error (for land based NREL 5MW wind turbine simulation) regarding Grid too small in Z direction. Please see my post here [url]Wind data of the FAST certification tests]

I request your help to progress.



I’ve now answered your question in the other forum topic. Please don’t post the same questions twice. We will respond when we can.

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Hi Jason

Thanks a lot for help. My original post here can be removed

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