Grid too small in Z direction

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I am trying to launch a simulation but “Grid too small in Z direction” error message is displaied so the simulation is aborted.

Why is this? How can I specify this parameter?

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P.D.: This is the overall error message:

“FAST_Solution0:CalcOutputs_And_SolveForInputs:SolveOption2:InflowWind_CalcOutput:CalcOutput:IfW_TSFFWind_CalcOutput [position=(0, 0, 2.19) in wind-file coordinates]: FF wind array boundaries violated. Grid too small in Z direction (height (Z=2.19 m) is below the grid and no tower points are defined).”

Dear Joannes,

This question has been asked and answered several times on this forum. Please use “Search…” in the upper-right corner to see how others have solved this issue.

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Dear Jason,

Thanks and sorry for not found it in the forum before asking the query, but I searched in the wrong place. Anyway, I am going to write the found answer just in case exist someone like me.

This error is displaed because your model includes tower analysis nodes in AeroDyn that extend down to the ground, but you haven’t created a wind file that has data that extend down to ground. To generate such data, you should set WrADTWR to True in the TurbSim input file and regenerate your wind data (including data that extends along the tower down to the ground).

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