ROSCO: Changing from constant torque to constant power control

I would like to know what is required to change the VS_ControlMode controller flag during a simulation. Is it possible to change any of the controller flags by passing information through the DLL interface?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Duncan,

Changing controller parameters mid-simulation is not currently a feature we support in ROSCO, but it is possible.

This is where the avrSWAP (DLL interface) is read in ROSCO: ROSCO/ReadSetParameters.f90 at 5d201855f57d0773ad8304349257db19c6db6af2 · NREL/ROSCO · GitHub

If you have access to that avrSWAP array, you can map it to a local variables and toggle the torque control mode here: ROSCO/Controllers.f90 at 5d201855f57d0773ad8304349257db19c6db6af2 · NREL/ROSCO · GitHub

I hope this helps.

Best, Dan

Dear Daniel.
Thank you so much, that seems definitely feasible to do.