Controller DLL and ROSCO


I am trying to understand

  1. Difference between a controller based on a DLL and a ROSCO controller.
  2. How different are both and can I use a ROSCO controller in place of a DLL based controller.
  3. If I want to use an existing controller and change the Rated power and torque, how can it be done in ROSCO.

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Hi Karthik,

ROSCO is a DLL controller, you can use ROSCO with OpenFAST as a DLL.

I would start here to learn how to set ROSCO up and run it with OpenFAST: 2. Standard ROSCO Workflow - ROSCO 2.6.0 documentation

Within the ROSCO tuning yaml, you can specify rated power and torque here by changing the rated_rotor_speed and rated_power: ROSCO/IEA15MW.yaml at 51629665d22f92770f861daeebcebd47ab32abb1 · NREL/ROSCO · GitHub

I hope this helps.

Best, Dan

Dear @Daniel.Zalkind

Many Thanks for getting back and the answer helps.

Probably, a naive question, what’s the difference b/w then using a Normal DLL and ROSCO. I have been using the 5MW online baseline model and a normal DLL based is used.

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Dear @Karthik.Prakash,

OpenFAST supports a generic DLL control interface in Bladed-style DISCON format. It is up to the user to decide what controller to use. The ROSCO controller has more advanced control features and it is easier to customize than the baseline controller for the NREL 5-MW wind turbine.

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