Tuning ROSCO with 5MW floating platform

I am using ROSCO reference controller with NREL 5MW ITI Energy Barge wind turbine model.
I am trying to tune ROSCO using the NREL5MW.yaml file for the barge model.
is there any guidance for tuning the .yaml file with the floating barge wind turbine?
I turned on these controller flags Fl_mode = 2 and F_NotchType = 3. I tried to change controller parameters, but they do not have much influence.
what should I change or add to get better results, especially with stochastic wind and stochastic waves?

here you can find all files fst and Dyn files

OpenFAST v3.4.1 and ROSCO v2.7.0 I used here.

Thank you

Hi Abdelrahman,

At a glance, these time series look suitable for a floating wind turbine. What kind of behavior are you trying to correct or improve?

You’re using the constant power torque controller (VS_ControlMode). If it’s working okay, I would keep that since it’s more realistic, but often users use constant torque since it’s easier to tune and get reliable simulation outputs.

Best, Dan