Questions about using MLife

Dear All

I am trying to use MLife to calculate the average equivalent loads (DEL). After I read through the MLife User’s Guide. I followed the instructions to add Source, Source\datatablepackage, and Source\Rainflow folders to the MatLab search path. Then, I changed the current directory to CertTest folder and run “mlife_certification_tests.m”. However, the error appears as in the following picture.

I checked that I do not have Visual Studio 2010 SP1 run-time libraries installed on my computer but I have Visual Studio 2012. Whatever, I installed Redist\vcredist_x64.exe (win64). But the error is still there. Excepting asking why I have this error and how to solve this, I am wondering why we need install Redist\vcredist_x64.exe (win64) and what it is used for?

I am also wondering if running mlife_certification_tests.m is the first step before I use the MLife to calculate DEL for my own data? If I am using my own data, I am wondering if I just need to type “[Fatigue, Statistics]= mlife( settingsFile, dataDirectory, outputDirectory )” with setting all the parameters in MATLAB command window or I need to do anything else? I used MATLAB 2015a by the way.

Thank you very much!!!

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