MLife certification test error and can it be used on MacOS in general?

Hi all,

It seems that the certification script provided with MLife is explicitly designed for Windows systems and may not be compatible with macOS, because the test failed, and in the Mlife folder, there are two new subfolders one literally named "CertTest\Results\Test01" and the other one "CertTest\Data". Both folders are empty.

But can I still use MLife for analysis by following the general instructions and guidelines provided in the user manual?

UPDATE: I changed all the ’ \ ’ in “mlife_certification_tests” to ’ / ’ and now the certification script is running, but there are new errors occurring:

 Attempt to execute SCRIPT rainflow as a function:

Error in [get_max_cycle_ranges]([line 65]
cycles = rainflow(double(peaks), abs( double(ChanInfo(iCh).LMF)), double(ChanInfo(iCh).LUlt), double(UCMult) )';...

I checked the “rainflow.m” file, and there is only green texts with “%” sign everywhere, namely:

% RAINFLOW cycle counting.
%   RAINFLOW counting function allows you to extract 
%   cycle from random loading.
%   rf = RAINFLOW(ext)
%   rf = RAINFLOW(ext, dt)
%   rf = RAINFLOW(ext, extt)
%   rf - rainflow cycles: matrix 3xn or 5xn dependend on input,
%     rf(1,:) Cycles amplitude,
%     rf(2,:) Cycles mean value,
%     rf(3,:) Number of cycles (0.5 or 1.0),
%     rf(4,:) Begining time (when input includes dt or extt data),
%     rf(5,:) Cycle period (when input includes dt or extt data),
%   ext  - signal points, vector nx1, ONLY TURNING POINTS!,
%   dt   - sampling time, positive number, when the turning points
%          spaced equally,
%   extt - signal time, vector nx1, exact time of occurrence of turning points.

%   Copyright (c) 1999-2002 by Adam Nieslony,
%   MEX function.

Does anyone know how to fix the problem?

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Dear @Zhizhong.Wang,

Yes, you are correct. Changes to MLIfe would be required for application on a non Windows operating system. The rainflow cycle counting code is written in C++ (Source\rainflow\rainflow.c) and compiled as a Windows MEX function for use by MLife. You’ll have to recompile this code for use in MacOS if you wish to apply MLife in that operating system; I have not tried this myself.

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