MLife Simulation

Hi All,
I have been using MLife for fatigue analysis, but i encountered a problem -when changing DEL_Type to 1 and the GoodmanFlag to with goodman correction, MatLab will not proceed simulating it stops with some error messages. Anyone has faced same problem? Or, please help me out of this problem. Thanks!


Dear Tadele,

What error message(s) are you receiving?

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Please find attached picture.

Sorry, I could not attach as I reached the quota. below are the errors messages…

subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

Error in compute_fatigue_per_DEL_type (line 145)
binnedCycleCounts(index) = binnedCycleCounts(index) + cycleCounts(c);

Error in compute_goodman_fatigue (line 27)
[aggEquivalentCycles, lifetimeEquivalentCycles, ChannelBasedResultsF, FileBasedResultsF] = compute_fatigue_per_DEL_type(
DEL_Type, DLCs, DLC_Occurrences, nFatigueChannels, nFiles, windChannelMeans, Fatigue );

Error in compute_fatigue (line 73)
Fatigue = compute_goodman_fatigue(nFiles, Fatigue, FileInfo.DLCs, FileInfo.DLC_Occurrences, windChannelMeans);

Error in mlife (line 602)
Fatigue = compute_fatigue( FileInfo, Fatigue, windChannelMeans );

Error in mlife_certification_tests (line 164)
mlife(‘Test13.mlif’, ‘.\Data’, ‘.\Results\Test13’);