Output mesh lack connectivity

Dear OpenFASTers,
I output the VTK in OpenFAST by configure the fst file as following:

          2   WrVTK           - VTK visualization data output: (switch) {0=none; 1=initialization data only; 2=animation; 3=mode shapes}
          3   VTK_type        - Type of VTK visualization data: (switch) {1=surfaces; 2=basic meshes (lines/points); 3=all meshes (debug)} [unused if WrVTK=0]
true         VTK_fields      - Write mesh fields to VTK data files? (flag) {true/false} [unused if WrVTK=0]
         2   VTK_fps         - Frame rate for VTK output (frames per second){will use closest integer multiple of DT} [used only if WrVTK=2 or WrVTK=3]

Then I get the HD_Morison.00.vtp and SD_LMesh_y2Mesh.00.vtp. These two vtp files only contain point data, but lack connectivity and offset for lines.

So I guess above two files only record the point mesh.

But if they can also record the connectivity for these points, we can animate the lines in paraview which can represent the members of substructure.

Is there a plan to postprocess the morison members and substructure members as lines in Paraview?

Ran Tu

Dear @Ran.Tu,

I agree. This is a known issue that has been raised in the OpenFAST GitHub repository: Visualizing Offshore Support Structures · Issue #776 · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub.

Best regards,

Thank you Jason. I am going to program python or fortran codes to connect these points in vtp files. And then we can animate these lines in paraview.