Mooring Cable Visualisation


I am trying to create a visualisation of the OC3-Hywind Spar. I have successfully created a visualisation of the spar, but it is without the mooring cables. I recently saw a picture of the OC3-Hywind with the mooring cables incuded in some NREL documentation, as included below. I was wondering is the visualisation of the cables possible and if so how can I create a visualisation similar to that included below?

Luke Cunningham

Dear Luke,

I’m assuming you are using the visualization functionality of FAST / OpenFAST based on the generated VTK files. As discussed in the visualization documentation (, this functionality does not yet support visualization of the mooring lines. (This is because the visualization functionality is based on the mesh data structures used to interconnect modules, and the intermediate nodes along the mooring lines are not stored on these meshes).

The image you attached was produced from a FAST-generated MSC.ADAMS model and visualized with MSC.ADAMS.

You’ll have to make changes to the visualization functionality of FAST / OpenFAST in order to view the mooring lines with VTK files.

Best regards,