Installation of OpenFAST

Dear All,
I was trying to install OpenFAST as per the attached procedure. There is an error while setup downloading (error message attached).

Please suggest me any other site for downloading the software other than

Thank a lot!


Dear Shankar,

I’m only really familiar with Building OpenFAST on Windows with Visual Studio, which is the procedure I’d recommend if you are using Windows.

For specific questions on using Cygwin to install and build OpenFAST, I suggest posting your question on the OpenFAST issues page, where the OpenFAST development community can support you: Not everyone in the OpenFAST development community checks this forum regularly.

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Dear Jason,
Thank you very much for the guidance!

Now I am working on loads calculations project with IEC 61400-1 Ed3.
In the sample projects, we have limited number of wind conditions simulated. Is it possible to through light on the following points:

  1. How we can consider all load cases / simulations running in batch files?
  2. Can we assign more than one wind files for one simulations keeping other parameters same?
  3. How to generate *.wnd file?

I am going through the FAST manual. And trying to get answer to the above question. Meantime can you provide above information if possible?

Thanks in advance!

Shankar Sarpate

Dear Shankar,

Normally users develop scripts to run multiple FAST simulations e.g. to simulate multiple wind conditions for the same wind turbine. This has been discussed several times on this forum e.g.

By a *.wnd file, presumably you mean the turbulent wind data file in binary format. (The turbulent wind binary file in Bladed format typically has the *.wnd extension.) However, unless you plan to use Bladed, I would recommend using the TurbSim binary format *.bts. Regardless, both types of turbulent wind data files can be generated using TurbSim:

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Jonkman,

I’m not sure if this is the correct thread but I am starting off to use FAST for my PhD studies in offshore energy storage for FOWT and not sure if I should start off with Fast ver. 8 or Open FAST.

What do you suggest please?

Peter Vella

Dear Peter,

For any new project, I always recommend starting with the newest version of the software, which in this is the release of OpenFAST v2.1 (master branch). All current and planned FAST development is taking place in OpenFAST.

Best regards,

Thanks Dr. Jonkman. Managed to compile OpenFAST.
I now have problems in getting to have the openfast.exe file recoginize input files. Anywhere where I can get some help?


I have cloned the files.

What would be the next step please to read these files and have OpenFAST work on them?


Dear Peter,

If you are asking about running the tests to ensure that OpenFAST is compiled and runs properly, please read the OpenFAST testing documentation: … index.html.

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Jonkman,

I’m trying to use openFAST for the first time for Master thesis. I was following the installing steps, I installed VS 2015 and then Intel Fortrain 2017, github and Python. I ran the code by opening the .sln file in openfast\vs-build\FAST and building solution. I did it more than one time (closing and building again as recommended), but the errors persisted.

Do you have any ideia for what could be the problem?

I have two print screen attached: one with errors and other with openfast\build\bin final content after running.

Thank you!


Dear Tiago,

From the error messages, I would guess you didn’t install the Math Kernel Library (MKL) when you installed Intel Fortran.

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Jonkman,

That was the problem. Thank you!

Best regards,
Tiago Lucas

Hello everybody,
I have been working with FAST v8.16 and tried installing OpenFAST for the updated version and 15MW RWT model. However, I always run into issues and I am never able to install the software completely. As I have tried multiple times through various processes (for Windows) described in the guide, there’s a basic question from my side regarding installation.
Do we absolutely need to buy Microsoft VS for OpenFAST? the trial version is valid only for 30 days.
Also, is Intel Parallel Studio (Fortran compiler) subscription required for OpenFAST?
I have had used FAST v8.16 without any further subscription and accounts, so this is bit confusing for me.

I have also posted this on OpenFAST community forum, but I hope I can get a response here faster.
Thank you for your time.
Best regards,

Dear Tiasa,

The most straightforward (and recommend way) to compile OpenFAST on Windows is using an Intel Fortran compiler together with Microsoft Visual Studio Community. Microsoft Visual Studio Community is free, but the Intel Fortan compiler requires a paid license.

Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t see your post on the OpenFAST github page. In general, I would recommend posting OpenFAST compiler-related questions there, as all of the OpenFAST developers check github regularly.

Best regards,

Dear Dr Jonkman,

Is there any way to obtain a free license for the Intel Fortran Compiler package if one is not a student any longer? I am trying to build a model on openFAST but the license fee for the intel compiler is too expensive for my budget and the trial version with all the features is only valid for 30 days.

Best regards,
Vishal S

Dear Vishal,

I’m not a aware of a free license for the Intel Fortran compiler for commercial use, but that is a question better answered by Intel.

Best regards,

Dear Mr. Jonkman,

I’m new to openFAST. After downloading the openfast source from github and reading the documentation ‘’, I did two things but failed.I have used Visual Studio 2017 with Intel Parallel Studio_XE2019.
(1) Building OpenFAST (.exe) on Windows with Visual Studio, it said that it cannot open \openfast-master\build\bin\Registry.lib. The error message is showed as figure 1.
(2) compile openfast-simulink on Windows with Visual Studio, it also said that it cannot open the file E:\OPENFAST\openfast -master \ build \ bin \ FASTlib_x64_matlab.lib. the error message is showed as figure 3 .

Do you have any idea for this problem? I will appreciate it very much if you can help me.

Thank you!
Xiangheng Feng

  1. This issue should be fixed in the “dev” branch of OpenFAST. If you need to use the master branch, you can update the FAST solution file to solve this issue by following the instructions in this GitHub issue:

  2. I would guess that the path to the MATLAB library hasn’t been set correctly. Double check that the configuration’s “Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies” is pointing to an existing file.

Dear Mr. Jonkman,
I want to use the OrcaFlex Interface with OpenFastv2.4, could you tell me which version of OrcaFlex can OpenFast has the best compatibility.

Xiangheng Feng

Dear Xiangheng Feng,

I’m not sure as I have not used the OrcaFlex interface in quite a while. I would suggest reaching out to Orcina for guidance.

Best regards,