Number of turbulent wind input files using TurbSim

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I could not find a forum thread where a question like this was asked, so I am asking it here.

I am running openFAST simulations for the WindPACT 1.5 MW turbine for DLC12 and DLC13 according to the DTU Design Load Basis. The operating conditions specify for these two DLCs that there be 6 turbulence seeds per wind speed per yaw error (the yaw angles are specified as +10, 0 and -10 deg). When I was using HAWC2 to simulate these DLCs, the turbulence box generator used to give as output 6 different wind files- corresponding to 6 turbulence seeds. However, using TurbSim and obtaining output gives just 1 wind file (.wnd since I have chosen the BLADED/AeroDyn format).

Is there any workaround for this apart from changing the two RandSeed values in the input 6 times to obtain 6 different turbulent wind files for the same mean wind speed per yaw error?

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Vishal Sairam

Dear Vishal,

You’ll have to change the random seeds in the TurbSim input files and rerun TurbSim for each seed. Normally this would not be done by hand, but rather through a script.

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