Error when running OpenFAST test files

Upon a fresh install of OpenFAST on my machine I receive error messages for the majority of the simulations. I installed OpenFAST closely following the instructions found here: The land based 5MW baseline linearized simulation will run and finish without error, but the rest of the 5MW baseline simulations produce the following error message:

openfast 6056 cygwin_exception::open_stackdumpfile: Dumping stack trace to openfast.exe.stackdump

If I turn off the aerodynamics in the simulation, all runs complete without error.

The AOC, AWT, ideal beam, and SWRT simulations all seem to run fine, but the WP and 5MW baseline simulations produced the error above. I compiled the appropriate .dll files required for servodyn to run, but don’t think those are the issue since the simulations won’t run if the ServoDyn flag is turned off with AeroDyn turned on.

If anyone else has had similar errors and has a known fix your help would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Spencer,

For specific questions on using cygwin to install and build OpenFAST on Windows, I suggest posting your question on the OpenFAST issues page, where the OpenFAST development community can support you: Not everyone in the OpenFAST development community checks this forum regularly.

Regardless, I would encourage that you use the Visual Studio to compile OpenFAST on Windows rather than to use CMake or Cygwin.

Best regards,