Myself Manikandan. I am struggling to design Baseline controller for NREL 5MW Floating wind turbine using Simulink. I took FAST-SC from –Wind energy center University of Massachusetts Amherst and trying to run baseline controller. I faced following errors; anyone can help to sort out this issue?

Dear Mani.Kandan,

I can’t comment on the Simulink errors you are receiving, but you should be aware that FAST v8.10 includes a Simulink interface, as well as the tuned-mass damper (TMD) module developed by UMass (TMD has been made a submodule of ServoDyn). So, it doesn’t sound like there is any reason for you not to use the standard release of FAST.

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It looks like your Simulink model requires you to output “PtfmHeave” in your FAST model. I’d guess “PtfmHeave” is not part of the list of requested output channels (OutList) in the FAST input file.

Dear Jason sir and Bonnie sir,

Thanks for immediate reply.

I think, problem which i am facing because of s-function, but i don’ t know exactly.
Can you please help me, i am having following doubts

  1. what is the relation between s-function and fast executable file - fast *.fst file

2.By attempt to create s-function, INTEL PARALLEL STUDIO XE 2015 WITH MICROSOFT VISUAL STUDIO 2010 -MATLAB 2010a(32 bit system), I am facing error, Here my question is lower version of intel compiler is mandatory