IECWind Turbulence Intensity input

Hi everybody,
I am wondering if someone else could be interested in a small extension of IECWIND, where the turbulence could be indicated not only with A,B or C class, but also typed as a Turbulence Intensity (say, 22%). Something like this, if I remember well, is available in Turbsim.
This would be useful to test some non standard values of the T.I.
Best regards & thanks

Well … I modified the code myself for my purpose and recompiled it successfully, but I still would like to know your opinion about what I am doing.
Is it meaningful simply to substitute the 0.16 or 0.14 or 0.12 that are set into the variable “TurbI” with another value, say for example

TurbI= 0.25 ?

The results seem to be “appropriate”…

We are interested in high turbulence sites, due to hilly terrain and low hub heights, this is the reason of the question. We do measure even 30% Turbulence intensity!

Best regards

I was totally unaware the IECWind used the TI. After looking at the code, I see it uses the 15 m/s TI in calculating parameters for some of the extreme events. Please note that it is using only the 15 m/s TI and not what it is at any other wind speed.

Other than that, it seems reasonable. However, you will no longer be using the IEC standard.