FAST Simulation with fixed turbulence intensity

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I would need to run a FAST simulation imposing a fixed value of turbulence intensity for different wind speeds (meaning that i don’t want to follow the scaling rules prescribed by the IEC 61400 standards). Can anybody please tell me if it is possible and how to do it?
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Dear Piero,

Yes, this is certainly possible. Instead of following the turbulence scaling according to IEC 61400, you can specify the turbulence intensity directly in TurbSim via input parameter IECturbc.

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Dear Jason,

Turbsim restricts the user specified IECturbc parameter to NTM. I would like to generate EWM wind files with class 1A according to GL. Means my turbulence intensity in percent has to be 18. Is there any way to do with Turbsim? If not are there any other software to generate such user defined wind files?

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Dear Abhinay,

You can select IEC_WindType = NTM in TurbSim and then specify your desired turbulence intensity in percent (IECturbc), power-law shear exponent (PLExp), etc.

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Thanks for the prompt response, like always. I have implemented the same based on Gl 2010 guidelines but wasn’t completely sure.

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