TURBSIM v10 vs. older

Hi everybody,
I am using Turbsim to make some (very simple!) simulations of control for a small wind turbine. I produced a series of IEC Class III A turbulent winds, both with and without Full Field Turbulence, for v (hub) = 10 m/s and v=25 m/s. The code I used is:


Now my question is:

recently a post in the mailing list announced Turbsim v10, and I downloaded it; I would like to understand (without trial and error :slight_smile: ) if I have to redo all of the files. The results are used for load prediction and control simulation.

thanks a lot
and to NWTC … keep up the good work !
Claudio Pedrazzi

Hi Claudio

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Hi Claudio,

We checked the impact of the changes made in the latest release of TurbSim (V1.0) and found that for several IEC-specified cases run with varying boundary conditions the statistics of a range of parameters changed only in the second decimal place. Since you are modeling a small wind turbine that is likely mounted near the ground, the variations caused by this change should be minimal :laughing: . However, if it is important that you follow the IEC specifications exactly you should probably re-run the simulations :cry:

I would strongly suggest that you use the compiled version of TurbSim V1.0 that is now available as it runs 40-80% faster than Version v100f-bjj :smiley:

If you have any further comments or questions, let me know.