How to insert the fault/failure of the offshore wind turbine into the FAST code

Dear Jason,

My current research is failure/fault detection and diagnosis of the offshore wind turbine. I want to diagnose the failure/faults by the FAST simulations. I have one question:
How can I insert the mechnical or electrical fault/failure of the different components of the offshore wind turbine into the 5MW baseline offshore wind turbine model in the FAST code(such as fatigue failure of the blade, buckling failure of the tower, electric faults of the control system and generator, and so on) before I conduct the FAST simulations?

If you have any advice, please let me know. Thanks.

Dear Yichau.Liu,

Regarding blade fatigue and tower buckling, FAST can be used to calculate the reaction loads that would lead to blade or tower failure, but the actual failure event is not generally modeled directly e.g. see:

Please see the “Simulating Special Events” Section of the “Controls” Chapter of the old FAST User’s Guide ( for information on how to simulate various electrical faults.

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Dear Jason,

Many thanks for your reply and I got some ideas. Now, I use the Simulink to design a simple induction generator and pitch controller for 5MW baseline offhore wind turbien according to your report “Simulation for wind turbine generators-with FAST and MATLAB-Simulink Modules”. In detail, I choose the type 1 wind turbine model as introduced in this report, and design the generator (section 4.1.1 in this report) and pitch controller (section 4.1.3 in this report).

The parameters of the generator and controllers, such as Generator efficiency (100), Gearbox ratio(97), Rated torque(~43093), etc., are determined according to your report “Definition of a 5-MW reference wind turbine for offshore system development”. But I still didn’t find some parameters and ask for your help.

(1) For the induction generator of the type 1 wind turbine (the same as that in Test01_SIG.mdl) and it is attached. how to determine the “Rated generator slip percentage”, Pull-out ratio (Tpullout/Trated) (is it 1.1 according to my own calculation?), Synchronous (zero-torque) generator speed (1173.7?) Is there something elso I need pay attention to?

(2) For the pitch controller, I use the design of the type 1wind turbine (Fig. 25 (b) in your report), and it is also attached. My question is how to determine the two costants for the 5MW baseline offshore wind turbine. Is there something elso I need pay attention to?

Thank you again. Look forward to hearing from you.


Dear Yichau,

Regarding (1), the torque controller for the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine does not have the same logic as the simple induction generator model. If you wish to implement the simple induction generator model rather than the actual torque controller, you’ll have to make your own assumptions for your own purposes. The simple induction generator model is explained on page 11 of the old FAST User’s Guide:

Regarding (2), I’m not sure I can really answer your question because I was only loosely involved as a co-author of that report and did not help develop the Simulink models. From the report though, it says that constant block associated with input 1 is the reference generator speed (i.e. the rated generator speed) and the constant block associated with input 2 is the reference power (i.e. the rated power).

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