Generator modeling

Dear all

[size=150]I need a full model of wind turbine (with generator and converter) connected to the 3-phase grid.
I can use PMSG or DFIG;
I don’t know if it’s better to create model in simulink or sub-routine.
On the other hand my final aim is to do a project on controlling the assembled system (Wind Power production), and then fault detection or system identification.
Which method is recommended? Using simulink or subroutine?[/size]


Dear Amirhossien,

You could use either Simulink or a subroutine, but I suspect Simulink would be the easier way. In fact, we’ve developed detailed models of the electrical drive and have simulated various faults using Simulink in the past. You can read about these models in the following report:

Just FYI: we will soon be releasing an interface between FAST v8 and Simulink later this month.

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Dear Jonkman
I used the model like that of your publication to provide wind turbine model based on DFIG.
The model I made is not exactly this model. Actually I use the one which is provide by Matlab (Phasor type), but
I converted it from Wind Farm to a single Wind Turbine changing some coefficient.

My purpose is to provide the model of wind turbine consisting of FAST and DFIG like what you have presented in Appendix B, but
I face some problems.

As you know, we should feedback Electrical power and torque from generator to FAST. Considering this issue , I use generator active
power, but I see, after interaction with FAST, active power of generator is bigger than mechanical one generated by FAST. Do you think it is
wrong since output power is bigger than input power and it may take into question The Law of Conservation of Energy, or I misunderstood
the dynamic behavior of DFIG; I mean is it possible for DFIG to absorb power and energy from the grid connected to??

I should be very much obliged if you can help me.

Yours sincerely

Dear Amirhossein,

It doesn’t look right; I would expect the mechanical power to be greater than the electrical power during power-production operation. Which specific FAST outputs are you plotting?

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Thanks for your feedback.

I am making comparison between Active Power and high speed mechanical power, HSShftPwr


Dear Amirhossein,

FAST output HSShftPwr is indeed the mechanical power in the high-speed shaft.

You should be aware that the electrical power input to FAST is not used by FAST at all; the electrical power input to FAST is simply passed through FAST to be used as output. So, FAST will not care that the electrical power is more than the mechanical power when unphysical. I suspect that the problem is in your DFIG model. FAST does care about the electrical torque input. You should be able to check that the electrical torque (input) and mechanical torque resultant calculated by FAST are physically meaningful.

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