How to check results during calculation

Thank you for all your help.

I have a question regarding OpenFAST.
Is there any way to check the results during the calculation?

What I want to do is the following.
If I set the “.fst” “TMax” to 3600s, the out and outb files cannot be output until the calculation of 3600s is completed.
I would like to output out files and outb files up to that point at specified time steps, for example, 600s,1200s,1800s…3600s.

Dear @Yosuke.Matsumoto,

Actually, the text-based .out output file from OpenFAST is written time-step-by-time-step, so, you should be able to see the results live as the file is being written. The binary-based .outb output file from OpenFAST cannot be written until the end of the simulation because the full min-max range of data is needed in the scaling operation performed when generating the data for the binary output (the full min-max range cannot be known until the full time history is known).

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Thank you for your response.
I understand.