OpenFast output files and post-processing

Dear @Jason.Jonkman ,

I have few questions on the output file from OpenFast simulations below:

  1. Where can I find a list of output files created by OpenFast, for example, .out, .outb etc.
  2. How can we specify what kind of output files need to be created, like .out, .outb etc.
  3. Where can we change or modify the sensor outputs of each components. For example, I want to turn on/off the moments in blade root, and other blade sections etc.
  4. What is the post-processing done in the results in .out file. For example, is it mean, mean of upper half etc.

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Dear @Karthik.Prakash,

Here are my answers to your questions:

  1. The types of output files generated by OpenFAST are well documented in the FAST v8 ReadMe file: (see the FAST v8 Input and Output Files section, which is only slightly outdated for OpenFAST)
  2. The types of output files generated are specified in the OUTPUT section of the OpenFAST primary (.fst) file, as well as the OUTPUT sections from the primary input file for each module.
  3. The list of output channels in the output files is determined by the OutList specified in the OUTPUT sections from the primary input file of each module.
  4. The .out file only contains the time history of each selected output channel. You can post-process these in any number of ways to find statics, PSDs, DELs, etc.

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