Output file issue

Dear all,

I have an issue with FAST output binary file. I am working with Offshore jacket wind turbine model ‘Test21’. I have selected ‘OutFileFmt’=3 but only generates .out file instead of creating both output files (.out & *.outb). Until now it was working well but at some point does not. I would like to know if someone knows why it is doing this.

Thank you in advance,

Dear all again,

I found it. Is due to the abrupt user interruption (Ctrl+C). I was trying to see first second response and instead of setting small simulation time, I was interrupting by myself. What I dont know is if FAST aborts the process, generates binary output file or not?

Thank you so much in advance,

Dear JOE,

FAST should write the binary output file at the end of a simulation, even if FAST aborts due to an error. But abrupt aborts e.g. through Ctrl+C would prevent FAST from writing the binary output file. The footnote on page 26 of the ReadMe file for FAST v8.16 identifies other causes for abrupt aborts that would prevent FAST from writing the binary output file: wind.nrel.gov/nwtc/docs/README_FAST8.pdf.

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