BeamDyn Driver Encountered Simulation Error

Hi all,

I am working with the old version of BeamDyn(v1.01.04) because I couldn’t succeed to run the new version after compiling. by the way I have a trouble when I add such specific moments! for example it works well with my two given input moments(61n/m and 123n/m) but apparently as it’s increased for greater moments it has an error at the end which indicates that " Load maybe too large, BeamDyn will attempt to solve with additional steps ". to solve this I tried to increase the refinement factor but it did not work at all.
I would like to know your opinion in this matter.

Kind regards,

Dear Pouria,

When using BeamDyn, I would definitely switch to the most recent version of OpenFAST because there have been many important updates and bug fixes in BeamDyn recently. I’m not sure what trouble you ran into, but I would ask compiling-related questions on OpenFAST issues ( rather than on this forum.

If by “refinement factor” you are referring to the BeamDyn input parameter refine, this factor is only used for the spatial integration in BeamDyn; it will not help BeamDyn solve larger loads with additional substeps.

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