about WT_perf

dear sir

i never used it but , i have intention to try WT_perf ;
my question is:
can i edit WT_perf output file to give those vectors: Vr^2 * c and Ct over r

Vr relative velocity
c chord
Ct tangential coeficient
r radius


Dear Nacer,

As discussed in other topics on this forum, WT_Perf is no longer supported by NREL, but has been effectively replaced by CCBlade or the standalone driver for AeroDyn v15.

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thanks sir

sor for those two tools .
can i manipulate them to have thoses vectors that i need??

thanks for your replay

Dear Nacer,

Yes, in both CCBlade and AeroDyn v15 you can output the local relative velocity and local tangential coefficient.

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hi jason

i am working on my own code for optimization , i am not familiar with aerodyn .
i would like to have those outputs if somone can make an execution for me for any wind velocity let say 11 m/s . for NRAL phase VI wind trubine.
i want to have those vectors if possible

Vr: relative velocity
Ct: tangential coefficient
q: torque along the blade
and r radious vector used.

i will use them in my code .
i will be vey thankfull

Hi Nacer,

NREL is not in the position to run cases for you. But the tools are available for you to run yourself.

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ok jason

the link to donwlaod please

Dear Nacer:

Here are the links:

CCBlade: github.com/WISDEM/CCBlade.

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