Yaml to OpenFAST Input

Hi Everyone,
This might be a stupid question but it isn’t one I could immediately find the answer too.

I would like to simulate an optimised blade design in OpenFAST (similar to the Bristol University IEA 15MW design: IEA15MW_Bristol - Datasets - data.bris)

The file is in a yaml format, are there any tools that would allow a user to convert that file to say an OpenFAST input file (Elastodyn, Aerodyn, etc)?
I have looked at WISDEM and WEIS but unsure if this functionality exists.



Hi @Dylan.Duncan,

Yes, within WEIS, the wind turbine is defined in a YAML-formatted ontology (called the geometry parameterization in WEIS), which WEIS uses to generate the OpenFAST input files. It sounds like WEIS is what you want to use.

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Thanks for the confirmation Jason, will give WEIS a shot.