"Model conversion & Model creation from scratch"


  1. Can we create OPENFAST wind turbine models from reference wind turbine models created with tools like Flex/BLADED/HAWC etc. If yes, please direct me to the converter tool.

  2. If there is no converter tool available at the moment, how to create OPENFAST model from the scratch (with baseline reference models prepared with other tools like Flex/BLADED/HAWC.) If there is a guideline document for preparing each file of OPENFAST, please direct me to the document.


Dear @Srivathsa.Dwarakinat,

I’m not aware of a fully automated converter from software such as Flex, Bladed, and HAWC2 to OpenFAST, but certainly there are scripts that have been developed to aid in the process. The WindIO is a generic wind turbine model definition that is becoming the mediator between software–a generic representation of a wind turbine where various converters have and are continuing to be written to/from that software and WindIO. WindIO is the basis for our WEIS systems engineering tool that wraps around OpenFAST: WEIS. WEIS can currently generate an OpenFAST model from a WindIO definition, but we don’t have a converter from OpenFAST to WindIO as far as I know yet.

The modeling guidance sections provided for many of the OpenFAST modules provides documentation on how set up a given module and is probably your best source of information for generating new OpenFAST models and is available on the online OpenFAST readthedocs site: 4. User Documentation — OpenFAST v3.5.3 documentation. An OpenFAST getting started guide has also been written and will be included in this readthedocs documentation soon: Adding documentation for typical usages of OpenFAST by ebranlard · Pull Request #308 · OpenFAST/openfast · GitHub.

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This repo contains a couple of additional python scripts to go from HAWC2 to OpenFAST and viceversa openfast_toolbox/openfast_toolbox/converters/examples at main · OpenFAST/openfast_toolbox · GitHub

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