WP 1.5 MW Baseline Rated Wind Speed

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In preparation for my research purposes, I simulated the behaviour of the WindPACT model (1.5MW), which is based on the GE1.5s. When I had a look at the correlation of wind speed and pitch angle, I noticed that the rated wind speed of the WindPACT model is at 10-11 m/s, this is also what the documentary of the WindPACT model says. But on www.wind-turbine-models.com I found that the rated wind speed of the GE1.5s is 13 m/s. I am working with SCADA-Data of a real GE1.5s and it also shows a rated wind speed of 13 m/s. I would like the WindPACT model to work at the higher rated wind speed 13 m/s.

  1. Why is the rated wind speed different? Is there another version of the GE1.5s which has a lower rated wind speed?
  2. Do you have ideas in which ways I could manipulate the WindPACT model so it has a rated wind speed at 13 m/s?

I use PCMode 3 (with pitch.ipt inputfile) for Pitch control. Please tell me which more specific information you need to answer my questions.

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Dear @Jakob.Roth,

While the properties may be similar, I’m not aware that the WindPACT 1.5-MW baseline wind turbine is based on the GE1.5s turbine, which is likely why you’ve identified differences.

The WindPACT 1.5-MW baseline already reaches rated wind speed at about 11.5 m/s. You’d have to modify the controller, and likely the rotor design itself, to increase its rated speed. To modify the controller I would suggest ROSCO (GitHub - NREL/ROSCO: A Reference Open Source Controller for Wind Turbines) rather than trying to modify the simple variable speed controller (VSContrl = 1) or Pitch.ipt file (PCMode = 3) directly.

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The “WindPACT Reference Wind Turbines” report says that the model is very similar to the GE 1.5s (page 1). But as you said, I should have a look at the ROSCO controller. Thanks a lot!