Different rated wind speed of IEA 15MW: Monopile vs. UMaineSemi

Dear NREL Communities

According to the ROSCO_Yaml file, I found the ‘Rated wind speed’ is different between IEA 15MW monopile and Semi. (Downloaded from GitHub - IEAWindTask37/IEA-15-240-RWT: 15MW reference wind turbine repository developed in conjunction with IEA Wind)

  • IEA 15MW Offshore R.W.T Monopile : 10.59m/s

  • IEA 15MW Offshore R.W.T UMaineSemi : 10.74m/s

Is there specific reason for this?

I cound’t find any clue so I ask for help here.

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Hi Sangwon,

I don’t recall a specific reason for selecting these values. They should technically be the same since the controller is primarily for controlling the rotor, which is the same for each. The UMaineSemi will reach rated wind speed slightly after the monopile, but that also depends on the peak shaving of the controller. In ROSCO, the rated wind speed is only for indexing the blade pitch angles in tuning the gain scheduling, so the effect should be negligible.

I’ll note this and consider synchronizing them in future IEA ROSCO releases. Thanks!

Best, Dan

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Dear @Daniel.Zalkind

Thank you for your fast and detailed reply.

Have a nice day!

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