WaveTp required when wavemod = 5?

Dear all,

I try to reach the simulation of OC4 phase1 case study with FAST 8.16, since the stream function is required for the wave condition of load case 5.6 (please find the pic. below),i generated an external wave profile by SACS for this case and set the Wavemod = 5 in hydrodyn.

when i tried to start the FAST in cmd, it indicated the error msg like :

[i] Running HydroDyn (v2.05.01, 27-Jul-2016).

FAST_InitializeAll:HydroDyn_Init:HydroDynInput_ProcessInitData:WaveTp must be greater than zero.

FAST encountered an error during module initialization.
Simulation error level: FATAL ERROR[/i]

I am confused with the error msg because the instruction in the Hydondyn only shows “Wavetp only used when Wavemod =1 or 2”
If Wavetp is compulsory for Wavemod = 5 as well, should i set WaveTp = 8 as the wave condition in load case 5.6?

Many Thanks.

Dear KaMei.Chan,

I looked briefly into the source code and noticed that it checks whether WaveTp is less or equal to zero regardless of which WaveMod is set. Regardless, WaveTp is not otherwise used when WaveMod=5. I would suggest simply setting WaveTp to a meaningless value greater than zero to bypass the error.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your help, i just key in WaveTp = 0.1 and WaveHs remains zero to bypass the error at all. Many Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: