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I have some problems with the wavemod4. Here is my question:
I’m trying to consider the modifed Jonswap spectrum in shallow water depth. So i need to multiply the Jonswap spectrum with the TMA factors to consider the shallow water effect. Fisrtly, I just multiply the original Jonswap spectrum with the TMA factors in Hydrodyn source code(waves.f90), and it failed. Is there any exmaple for the use of wavemod4? In your reference mannual, it said that the user-difined spectrum can modifie the waves.f90 source code. Can we redifine other parameters in the source code?
If wavemod4 didn’t work, can we use the inverse Fourier transform to transform the modifed spectrum into time-domin in MATLAB,and then input it into the FAST(use wavemode5)?

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Lixian Zhang

Dear Lixian,

What do you mean when you say that you modified Waves.f90 and “it failed”? To use WaveMod=4, all you should need to change is how WaveS1Sdd is set in SUBROUTINE Waves.f90/UserWaveSpctrm(). The sample UserWaveSpctrm() SUBROUTINE provided in FAST v8 simply sets WaveS1Sdd = 0.

Being open source, you can, of course, change the FAST source any way you want.

If you already have a wave-elevation time series that you want to use within FAST, then you can also use the WaveMod=5 option.

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Dear Dr. Jason

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Lixian Zhang