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I am trying to run a long simulation (11 000 s ) with Openfast using Hydrodyn, Elastodyn et MAP modules. My floating object is a semisubmersible floater with a rigid tower and mooring system (OC6 LC5). Using WaveMod equal to 5, I am imposing the wave elevation with an external file. After 1000 or 2000 s the process stropped with the error message displayed on the attached file.
In the wave elevation file, the time input has many decimals. May it cause the crash ?
Thanks for any solution.
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Dear Florence,

What is the error after 2000 s (the window seems to be cut off and I can’t see what happens)?

I’m not sure if you are referring about the error caused when trying to write the checkpoint file, but this can be eliminated by setting ChkptTime > TMax in the FAST primary input file.

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Dear forum,

I hope you managed to solve your error, Florence.

I am simulating a Simulink modelled wind turbine controller against the model of the DTU 10MW reference wind turbine in FAST. For that, I integrated the FAST model in my Simulink model through an S_function. Up to this point, everything works well using TurbSim files as wind speed turbulent input. However, sometimes, for some specific wind speeds and seeds the simulation gets stuck and gives the following error:

[code]FAST completed.

Error using runTest (line 53)
Error reported by S-function ‘FAST_SFunc’ in ‘CTRL_AD8_OFS_WndEstim2013b_05/WTG-MODEL/FAST Nonlinear Wind Turbine/S-Function’:
FAST_Solution:FAST_AdvanceStates:AD_UpdateStates:BEMT_UpdateStates(node 9, blade 3):BEMT_UnCoupledSolve:DeterminePhiBounds:There
is no valid value of phi for these operating conditions! Vx = 12.647, Vy = -0.55046, rlocal = 17.059, theta = 1.4756[/code]

I have checked with several seeds, and I have realised that for the same wind speed it sometimes finishes the simulation depending on which seed is the wind speed based on.

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Leire Gandiaga

Dear Leire,

The error regarding “no valid value of phi” has been discussed several times on this forum. In summary, upgrading from AeroDyn v15.03 in FAST 8.16 to AeroDyn v15.04 or upgrading from FAST v8.16 to OpenFAST will solve the problem.

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