Using a native Bladed input file in InflowWind


I am currently verifying a wind turbine model in Bladed with a wind turbine model in OpenFAST. In order to use the same turbulent wind field for both models, I used the option to use the native Bladed input file in InflowWind.

After inserting all parameter values into the “intermediate Bladed wind scaling file” for InflowWind, I did the simulation with OpenFAST and compared the time series of the wind speed for alle thre directions with the results from Bladed. This is shown in the figure. For the x- and z-direction, the time series are almost exactly the same for both models as you can see in the figure. Only the y-direction is reversed in OpenFAST compared to Bladed. However, if I did noch get it wrong, the coordinate systems in OpenFAST and Bladed should be defined in the same way, which is why I can’t explain this difference. Do you have any idea what could be the reason for this result?

Thank you!


Hi Franziska,

The v-component wind speed is actually reported using the opposite sign in Bladed. I believe that Bladed uses a different coordinate system only for the wind outputs.

We have done testing with this and confirmed that the loads match with this convention (when InflowWind -Vy == Bladed +Vy); and when the wind outputs match, the loads are in the opposite direction.


Hi Bonnie,

thank you very much for the quick answer. That answered my question completely, as I was indeed wondering how this affects the direction of the loads, i.e. whether the loads are in the same or the opposite direction.