User time series - Turbsim Alpha

Hi All,
I am trying to reproduce my wind data from 5 sonic anemometers using turbsim alpha. However, I could not find the following functions needed to the InertialDataToInputFile.m:


Where can I find them?

Another thing that I still could not understand, is that I am getting the following error from turbsim when I try my user input:

Invalid numeric input. “False” found when trying to read the number, RandSeed(1).

Aborting TurbSim.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you very much.

Dear Leonardo,

Good question. Those two functions were accidentally left out of the that TurbSim archive, but you can find InertialData_to_Coherence.m and RotateVelocityComponents.m here: … er/TurbSim.

Regarding the invalid numeric input error, as with any input file format problem, I suggest that you use the Echo option from the input file to debug errors in the input-file processing.

Best regards,

Dear Jason,

Thank you for your quick reply and sorry for bother again, but now a new function is missing.

Inside InertialData_to_Coherence we need the function FitCohFun.

Thank you!!

Dear Leanardo,

I asked Bonnie Jonkman who developed those scripts and she suggested that these functions were just for testing purposes and that you should just comment out lines 57 through 68 of InertialDataToInputFile.m, which means that you should not need the InertialData_to_Coherence.m or FitCohFun.m files.

Best regards,

Thank you.

Best regards,