Unusual output in YawDyn

Hi all,
I am getting some unusal numbers when I run YawDyn.
This is what I am doing, I may be wrong somewhere, so please point it out.

I use IECWind to generate Wind profile at hub height. (File 1)

I then prepare a AeroDyn.ipt file as given in its user manual.(File 2)

I have received the airfoil files from the company. (File 3)

I prepare the YawDyn.ipt file as given in its user manual. (File 4)

I then keep all these Files (1 to 4) in the folder with YawDyn.exe and run the executable.

I get the output files, Element.plt, YawDyn.opt and YawDyn.plt

Now here is my problem:
in element.plt the values of CL and CD are coming of the order 1.2E-05 and 1.2E-40 respectively.

I am going nuts,I don’t know what I have done wrong.

All units used are SI.

thanks and Regards


There is not a whole lot any of us can do without looking at your input files. If you want me to do that for you, please send me all the input files. My address is marshall_buhl@nrel.gov.