Yaw error specification


Where can I give the Yaw error in a simulation. I want to run IEC DLC 1.2 with +/- 8 degree.
Should I give it in the ElastoDyn file for the below parameter? or is it another file/parameter that should be changed?

0 NacYaw - Initial or fixed nacelle-yaw angle (degrees)

Any help is highly appreciated.

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To the best of my understanding you also need to set YawNeut in the Servodyn input file to the same value. You can just monitor the yaw angle during the simulation: it is output YawPzn in the Elastodyn output.


Dear @Karthik.Prakash.

I agree with @Duncan.vanderHeul. In addition to NacYaw, you should also set YawNeut, at least when the YawDOF is enabled. This is discussed more in my post dated Apr 19, 2022 in the following forum topic: Tower strike with latest versions of OpenFAST and IEA 15MW - #14 by Jiaping.Cui.

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